Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well it has been a really long time. Charlie is almost 4 months old. Marcus is walking and has one big tooth. It looks like the one beside it is coming in too. Hannah is as adorable as usual. I bought her some "skinny" jeans and could she be the cutest thing ever! They are all so wonderful. I can really just stare at them all day but really with three there isn't much time. Marcus is talking a little bit and is starting to copy everyone. The Nouri's are leaving for San Fran. next Saturday October 27th. I am really sad that they are going away but really happy for them at the same time. I was hoping that they would be here for Halloween. We usually spend Halloween with them but at least we will be able to spend Ben's birthday with them. Pictures to come and I do have some cute ones. The family is wonderful and I love them all so much. Can't promise when the next note will come but will try very soon. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Welcome to the world Charlie...

Just to let you know…
…we just made it to the hospital, of course, after Matt had a shower (casually of course - until I yelled at him while in mid-contraction) and we stopped at Tim Horton’s so he could get a coffee. He was so excited he forgot to ask me what I wanted - just water. We really thought we had more time. My water broke at 3:00am and by the time we got to the hospital and checked in it was 4:15am and contractions were coming every 2 minutes. At about 4:30am I was measuring 6cm and about 5-7 minutes later I was 8cm. I was about to get my epidural when the contractions were coming hard and fast so I had them check me and realized that the epidural was not going to kick in on time SO I decided to just go for it! PAIN – is all I have to say! But within a few minutes (4:50am) she was out with no tear or rip. And then I just felt great and like normal. All the excruciating pain was gone and here was my little girl. Apparently I almost broke Matt’s hand. Oh well! She is wonderful, beautiful and just lovely.

Welcome Charlotte Marie Rose on Thursday June 28, 2007 - 7lbs, 3oz...we love her so much...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

She's here...

I know it's been a while but what do you expect? Here is Charlotte Marie Rose (we call her Charlie) and her sister Hannah and brother Marcus. They are all pretty cute and that's it for now!!! The story of her birth to come later!!! Bye!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Waiting and waiting and still waiting.....

Still really bad at this and still waiting for this baby to come out. Today is the start of week 40. Yes, for those who don't know, you are pregnant not for 9 months but really 10. So here I am waiting for this new baby to arrive. Back hurts, groin, pelvis but nothing beats the amount of pressure on my bladder...yeah!!! Sarcasm, it' s all sarcasm...

Otherwise the kids are great. Hannah finished school this week but really doesn't understand that she isn't going to see all her friends in a couple of days. He favourite saying these days is "NO". Aren't we all overjoyed...there's that sarcasm again. I love her and she is wonderful and danced for me today. She is such a ham. Marcus is now about 18 pounds, is not walking yet. I think he's just lazy. He has no teeth ( just like Hannah) and his allergies seem to be getting better. He giggles like crazy which makes me melt. He such a round face...I love it all.

Matt said to me today that I can't have the baby until Wednesday because he has to play golf on Tuesday, um excuse baby in belly driving me crazy already? Apparently I am being selfish. I am glad that he can find the humour in this.

I complain now but in less than a week there is going to be a new little baby with us and I am so excited. I may not sound it but I really am!

Will let you all know how it plays out....Hey I might even blog it!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

told you.... I said....I am really bad at this but the kids are doing well and I do have many pictures to post...our family (mostly Matt and I) have been comsumed by Facebook. I have also been so tired that I don't have the energy right now to upload the pics. 6 weeks to go...Hannah is beautiful and Marcus is just so damn cute these days...I love our new pics...Happy Mother's Day to all...Hannah gave me a canvas drawing for mother's day. It's massive, but beautiful even though it weighs about 800 lbs...just joking...but it is definitely too heavy to hang up but it is her first Mother's Day gift from school. It's pretty cute...I think it may be drywall but heavier..haha..It's going to Marcus' 1st birthday soon so get ready to party...have a wonderful day and cross your fingers for the pics to come or just go to our facebook accts if you really want to see pics!!! BYE!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Marcus - a.k.a. Hannah

I was looking at Marcus today and now he REALLY looks like Hannah. He has a bruise on his head. If you can remember Hannah always had a bruise on her head as soon as she was mobile. They are definitely sibings. Check out his pic. I added a pic of them having fun on their cars. Check out Matt's smooth arms! They are so cute!!!! I love them even Matt..haha.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Hannah's New Career - Photography

Today Matt and Marcus were doing the laundry and Matt put Marcus in the laundry sink by the washing machine just like I used to do with Hannah. I went to get the camera to take his picture and lo and behold the memory card was full. I went to check what was on the memory card and found a bunch a pictures that Hannah had taken around the house on her own. Cheerios, mostly her fingers, the mess of the front room and then every once in a while there was a picture of herself smiling. Self-portraits at 3 years old...I am impressed. Needless to say it was very cute as Matt and I laughed at all the pictures she took. I will post a couple of her pics in the next few days as well as a pic of Marcus helping with the laundry....who knew she loves to take pictures just like her Mommy??????